Robocar 600

The Robocar is an electric truck for internal transport of all sorts of trolleys. The Robocar can be use d both manually operated and fully automatically. In the automatically unmanned position the Robocar will follow the induction wire in the floor. The Robocar is protected optimally by means of optical, pressure and ultrasonic sensors against unexpected situations. In the automatic position the Robocar will stop for all obstacles that it comes up against. The tensile force of the Robocar is a maximum 1000 to 1500 kg rolling weight. Also the Robocar can be used as a hauling unit for example along the weighing facilities .The 2 electric motors are powered by 2 semi-traction batteries, service life for each charge is approximately 8 hours.

Robocar 1600

The larger and much stronger brother of the Robocar 600 is the Robocar 1600. The technique is comparable to the 600. The biggest difference however is the much larger tensile force, with this Robocar 2000 to 3000 kg rolling weight can easily be pulled. The Robocar also steers more easily through the larger dead-weight of around 300 kg. This Robocar is particularly suitable for the heavier transport such as cucumbers, round tomatoes, sweet peppers and for auction trolleys and Danish trolleys. The heavier Robocar runs excellently over the same route as the lighter version. The dimensions are 130 x 70 cm. There are various options available.